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vehicle image Agreement Relating to Showa Trade Internet Auction System
1. Purpose
  The purpose of this agreement is to ensure the smooth running of the system for the benefit of all parties.
2. Revision of Agreement
  In the interests of sound business practice we may revise this agreement at any time. You will be notified of any changes to the agreement.
3. Right of Participation
  The right of participation in the Showa Trade Auction System is reserved solely for customers who accept the terms and conditions of this agreement.
4. Hours of Operation
  We undertake to keep the auction computer system running on a 24hour basis. However situations may arise (eg state of emergency) where we have no choice but to shut the system down.
5. Right To Bid
  Customers who are able to use the system to bid for vehicles must:
* Have been approved to do so by Showa Trade.
* Have accepted this agreement and undertaken to adhere strictly to its terms and conditions.
6. Bidding Period
  While the system is open to bidding for 24 hours it is the responsibility of the Member to bid within the appropriate timeframes. Please be careful that you have the correct auction date and time. (Auctions open for bids are shown in pink on the international auction site.)

Bids can also be placed by phone, fax or e-mail but please note that we cannot accept responsibility for late bids.

7. Responsibilities When Bidding
  Before placing your bid for your preferred vehicle please:
* Check all the details about the vehicle you are bidding on (pictures and auction sheets are available on the website).
* Contact us if you are unsure about any aspect of the vehicle. E-mails are appreciated.

Please note that if we find any big difference between the auction sheets and the vehicle during our checking process we may cancel your bid.
8. Car Cost and Agency Fee
  To consider a vehicle purchased settlement must be made on both the cost of the car at the auction and the Agency fee.
9. Temporary Payment on Your Behalf
  We can provide temporary payment on your behalf up to the value of 5,000,000 yen. The limit of this payment will depend on your relationship with us (including transaction history) and on the solvency of your business.
10. Responsibilities in Case of Successful Bid
  If your bid is successful it is your duty to confirm the details of the vehicle and make prompt payment. Prompt payment is your most important responsibility. Delayed payments are unacceptable unless they have been discussed with us and we have made a special allowance.
11. Settlement
  All monies must be remitted to Showa Trade's bank account by TT. All commissions are your charge.
12. Settlement Period
  Settlement must be made within one week of placement of a successful bid.
13. Making A Claim
  A claim can be made based on differences between the auction sheet and actual vehicle. Claims can be made by fax or e-mail within 2 weeks of the vehicles arriving at your port.
14. Matters Warranting A Claim
  Following are matters that would justify a claim:
(This is only for the case that has not been previously noted)

* The exterior of the vehicle is significantly different from the auction sheet;
* The color of the body has been changed;
* The engine model is different or the transmission has been changed;
* The engine or transmission are not in working order
(except where this is expected e.g. in the case of very old or high km vehicles);
* The vehicle has been repaired;
* The odometer has been replaced.
15. Cancellation of Purchases
  To cancel the purchase of a vehicle we must receive notification to do so no later than 6pm (Japan time) on the day following the successful bid for the vehicle. All costs relating to the cancellation, including the re-auction fee will be paid by the canceling party.
16. Member ID and Password
  You are responsible for the care and management of your Member ID and password. These are owned by yourself alone and cannot be divulged to any other party. We cannot be responsible for any issues that arise due to lack of adherence to this condition.
17. Auction Data
  The auction data provided on the site remains the property of the associated auction house. It is prohibited to copy or make secondhand use of any auction data.
18. Attention
  The auction data is provided for the purpose of doing business with Showa Trade. It is not to be used only for your own reference purposes. If it becomes evident that you are only visiting the site to access the data and do not purchase vehicles through us you will be stripped of your access codes and your right to participate in the internet auction system will cease.
19. Penalties
  Lack of adherence to any aspect of this agreement gives Showa Trade the right to penalties the Member responsible. A penalty may take the following forms:
* Suspension of ability to log on to the site.
* Suspension of ability to participate.
* Suspension of ability to place bids.
* Cancellation of a purchase contract.
* Withholding of Bills of Lading.
* Non-shipment of the vehicles.
* Legal action and payment of any resultant costs or fines.

The any detailed reasons for enforcement of penalties are not officially announced.
20. Notes
  We monitor your access log data and bidding data in order to check how often you utilize the auction data. In spite of our expectation, if you do not purchase a vehicle in a certain period, we will be forced to disqualify you from taking part in our auction system by right of our policy. Furthermore, all the precious data offered by you are used for our international auction business and will not be abused for other purposes.
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