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[How Bidding Works at Auction]

If you are a Member of the Showa Trade Internet Auction system you can bid for vehicles.


After choosing and checking the cars you wish to bid for at an auction you enter your bid/s in Japanese Yen.
The bid is received by the Showa server and checked at our office against the auction data to further ensure that there are no issues relating to the vehicle that could impact on the bid.
We then submit the highest bid for that vehicle by computer to the auction house.
If the bid is successful and the vehicle is bought you only pay the actual price that the vehicle sells for. Eg if your bid is JPY 500,000 and we make a successful purchase for JPY 425,000. You only pay JPY 425,000 (not JPY 500,000).

[Timing of Bids]

Bids must be submitted by no later than noon Japan time on the day of the auction.

[Reference Data]

To assist you in determining a realistic bid for a vehicle there is a Reference Data window which gives you information about similar vehicles that have sold over the last three months at auction.

[Starting Price]

When bidding on a specific vehicle the auction data will usually specify a starting price meaning bidding cannot start under this price. This is the minimum bid price.
If there is no starting price then your bid can be as low as you choose.


Most sellers specify a reserve price (minimum price that the car will be sold for). Once the bids reach this price the car is for sale and will be sold to the highest bidder. If the reserve price is not met the vehicle will be passed in and come up as "Not Sold" on your bidding record.

[Auction Results]

Full results are available on the website soon after the auction is finished. Some auctions continue after midnight. Results will be available after 10am the next day.

[Full Bidding Instructions]

On becoming a Member you will be given access to full instructions about bidding along with some key bidding tips to maximize your bidding success

Examples of Auction Data
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