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Terms and Conditions of Membership and Use of Showa Trade Internet Auction System.

The following terms and conditions are non negotiable and outline rights and obligations relating to the use of the Show Trade Internet Auction System.

1. Showa Trade Undertakes to:

  • Provide 24 hours access to trade only Japanese vehicle auctions (excluding where maintenance or emergencies require the system to be temporarily shut down).
  • Provide facilities to place internet bids for vehicles at these auctions.
  • Check bids at our office in order to minimize issues arising due to discrepancies between the auction sheet and the vehicle and to identify any other issues that could impact on a bid. Please note that should such issues arise we reserve the right to cancel a bid.
  • Provide full details of payment requirements (including car cost and Agency fee) via faxed invoice.
  • Maintain confidentiality of customer information.
  • Promptly arrange for all transportation and export procedures from Japan.

2. Right of Participation:

  • The right to be a Member of the internet auction system, and the right to bid and make purchases, is totally at the discretion of Showa Trade.
  • It is granted only to those customers who have accepted and adhered to these terms and conditions.
  • Membership will be subject to a three monthly review.
  • Upon review Show Trade has the right to cancel membership if:
    • Any aspect of the terms and conditions has been violated
    • Business being undertaken is not of an acceptable level
    • Business practices come into question
  • Please Note: Should cancellation of membership occur you will be responsible for any outstanding debts incurred prior to cancellation.

3. ID and Password Obligations:

  • You are responsible for the security and management of your ID and Password.
  • You are the only authorized user of this information and will be liable for any loss of the information, use by unauthorized persons, unauthorized orders or any fraudulent use of the information.

4. Copyright of Data:

  • The auction data provided on the site remains the property of the associated auction house.
  • It is prohibited to copy or make secondhand use of the data.

5. Use of Information:

  • The auction data is provided for the sole purpose of purchasing vehicles through Show Trade and is not to be used for your own reference purposes.
  • If it becomes evident that the data is not being used to purchase vehicles through Showa Trade membership will be cancelled.

6. Bidding Obligations:

You are responsible for:

  • Bidding at the correct auction and on the correct vehicle.
  • Placing the bid in advance of the auction. No responsibility will be taken for late bids.
  • Checking all vehicle details carefully before you bid.
  • Acknowledging that Clicking on the “Register Your Bid” button represents an intention to purchase the vehicle for the price submitted.
  • Providing Showa Trade with detailed information (via fax, phone or e-mail) of any special requests or instructions in regards to a bid.

All the data on the Showa Trade International Auction System come from each auction house. The data might be rarely ambiguous or misread by the Showa Trade International Auction System. In this case the data in the Showa Trade International auction System could be different from the conditions as they are. Therefore, we would like you to
        1). Check the vehicle carefully and make a bid; and
        2). Ask us in order you should not judge the vehicle by yourselves when you have a question.
Without the process of 1. and 2., we might not accept your claims in case you win the bidding for the wrong vehicle.

7. Over Bid Allowance:

To prevent the loss of a sale by a small margin we reserve the right to increase your bid by up to JPY 20,000 if we feel this will secure the sale.

8. Settlement and Payment:

  • Settlement is only made when payment for the cost of the car and the agency fee have been received.
  • All payments will be sent to Show Trade's bank account by TT in Japanese Yen.
  • Payment must be received by our bank no later than 7 days after a successful bid. Please note: It is the purchaser's responsibility to make allowances for the particular time delays relating to their country's banking system.

9. Fees:

Fees include the actual cost of the car at auction and an agency fee based on car value plus any additional costs for large vehicles and containerization services.

See Fee Structure for full details.


Bank Details
Please make payment direct to our Bank account as follows:

No. 33-7 5-chome Shiba Minato-ku
Tokyo Japan 03-3453-3371
A/C Name: Showa Trade CO., LTD

10. Cancellation of Purchases:

  • Cancellations must be received no later than 6pm (Japan time) of the following day after a purchase.
  • You will be responsible for all costs relating to the cost of the cancellation including the re-auction fee.

11. Claims and Reparations:

  • All claims in respect to any vehicles purchased will be handled on a case by case basis.
  • Claims must be in writing no later than 2 weeks after the receipt of the vehicle.
  • No claims can be accepted for the vehicle whose price is up to JPY150,000.

12. Revisions to Terms and Conditions:

Showa Trade reserves the right to revise the terms and conditions at any time. You will be notified of such changes.

13. Suspension of the service:

Showa Trade have the right to suspend the internet auction service in the following cases:

  • 1) whenever maintenance of the computer system to be required or occurrence of system trouble
  • 2) act of God, act of War, Riots and civil commotions etc.

14. Immunity from Responsibility:

Showa Trade's internet auction members should prepare their computer system with their costs and responsibility for use of the service. Showa Trade shall not be responsible for any damage to the members' computer system and/or software by using the service.

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