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Exporting fee structure
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The following fees apply to vehicles that have been purchased using the Showa Trade Internet Auction System.

You will be charged the following fees:

  1. The Cost of the Vehicle at the Auction
    The actual price that you paid for the vehicle at the auction.

  2. Agency fee:
    This fee covers all aspects of the Export Services Showa provides. There are two levels:
       a. Vehicles purchased for up to JPY 2,000,000 carry an Agency Fee of JPY 100,000
       b. Vehicles purchased for over JPY 2,000,000 carry an Agency Fee of 5% of the purchase price.

  3. Additional Transport or Customs Fees (For very large vehicles only):
    In the case of larger vehicles (eg trucks, buses) you may be required to pay additional fees for transport to the port and for customs. These will vary according to the location of the vehicle, size etc. You will be advised of any additional fees.

  4. Additional Fees for Containerization
    The standard agency fee applies to RORO transportation. In the case of transport by container you will be requested to pay an extra fee of up to JPY 40,000.

  5. Ocean Freight Fees:
    The shipping fee will be charged separately. The invoice for this will arrive prior to the vehicle arriving.

  6. Marine Insurance
    Marine insurance is an optional extra and is based on the value of the vehicle (JPY 5,000 – 15,000). Please notify us if you require marine insurance for your vehicle.
Vehicles will not be shipped until receipt of payment is confirmed by our office. Please allow for the time lag of international fund transfers from your country to Japan.
  1. Method of Payment
    Payment must be made on Japanese Yen and will be accepted by T.T. (Telegraphic Transfer).

  2. Bank Details
    Please make payment direct to our Bank account as follows:

    No. 33-7 5-chome Shiba Minato-ku
    Tokyo Japan 03-3453-3371
    A/C Name: Showa Trade CO., LTD
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