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Car export service
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Export Service
Showa Trade Co Ltd provides all the services required for you to export a vehicle out of Japan.

NOTE: We are vehicle EXPORTERS only. We do not handle importation into your country. You will need to arrange all aspects of importation (including payment of ocean freight, local duties and taxes, compliance and registration). This can be done yourself or in consultation with a local import agent.
Services We Provide
1. Payment to Auction House
We pay all costs associated with purchasing a vehicle at auction, including the auction fee.

2. Transport to Port
We provide transportation of the vehicle/s from the auction house to the Port. The cost of this transport is usually included in our Agency Fee. Note: For very large vehicles there may be additional transport and customs fees. (See Fee Structures).

3. Storage
We store the vehicle/s in a secure site at the Port until shipment. This is done free of charge for up to 1 month.

4. Deregistration
For a vehicle to be exported out of Japan it must be deregistered. We undertake all aspects of deregistration including doing all paperwork and removal of registration plates.

5. Customs Documentation
All necessary documents for export are provided by us to the Japanese Customs Authority.

6. Shipping
We arrange the shipment of your vehicle to the Port you specify in the quickest, most convenient and most cost effective manner available. We schedule shipment, prepare the vehicle and arrange loading. (See Shipping Information for more details).
The terms of payment is FOB basis; then you customers have to be responsible for all the risk after the shipment. Therefore, we recommend you insure all the vehicles you purchased to avoid having problems when you are involved in the terrible accidents. In case you ask us to insure, we can do in your place.

7. Provision of Documents Required for Import and Ownership
Once a vehicle is shipped we forward you all the documents required to import the vehicle and proof of ownership eg. Bill of lading, customs invoice, Japanese De-Registration Certificate. If available we also provide service books which are sent under separate cover.

Services We Provide
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